Spotlight of the Year! 2016 Taiwan International Student Design Competition has officially started promoting the submission of works!

Taiwan International Student Design Competition – The world’s second large-scale student design competition and the student design award with the highest reward. The promotion for 2016 works submissions has officially started. Online registration starts from June 1st to July 25th. Do not miss the opportunity to be seen by internationally renowned design masters!

To inspire the creative design capacity of students around the world, Ministry of Education encourages the international exchange of creative design between students, looks for creative talents of the new generation, shows the international image of Taiwan’s attention for creative design, establishes Taiwan’s position in international design, and strengthens the connection between Taiwan’s design talents and the world. Taiwan International Student Design Competition has been held since 2008 and has entered its 9th year. This year’s topic is “OPEN”, and it is one of the world’s most indicative, large-scale student design competitions. Together with last year’s invited international associations and authorized awards, the competition of this year is also sponsored by the honorable Sayling Wen Cultural and Educational Foundation and up to 15 well-known international design associations will be invited to participate in it, including Brno Biennale Association, German Design Council, Good Design Australia, Hong Kong Federation of Design Associations, International Council of Design, INDEX: Design to Improve Life, India Design Council, International Poster Biennial in Mexico, Japan Institute of Design Promotion, Korean Ensemble of Contemporary Design, Macau Designers Association, Taiwan Design Center, Thailand Creative & Design Center, and South African Bureau of Standards Design Institute.

Caption: 2016 Taiwan International Student Design Competition – A list of awards authorized by the attending international associations

Last year, a total of up to 46 countries participated in TISDC, namely from Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Korea, the United Kingdom, Germany, the United States…etc. Over 7900 works were submitted, which have shown the authority and the frequency of exchange between Taiwan International Student Design Competition and the international design talents. To accelerate registration, in addition to free of charge of registration fee, the registration procedure is also very simple.

Every year, the number of work submissions always hits record high. In addition, the total reward of Taiwan International Student Design Competition is even up to NT$4,600,000 (approximately US$150,000) this year. Awards include one annual grand prix, one gold prize for each category, one silver prize for each category, three bronze prizes for each category, and several awards for excellence, and brand specified category: iSee Taiwan Foundation – “New Tableware Age – Taiwan Cuisine Cutlery Design”, including five places for the first prize, five places for the prize of excellence, and several places for outstanding award. In addition, there is an international design association special award set up and authorized by 15 international design associations.

This year, Taiwan International Student Design Competition continues to open up submission of works from students around the world. Students (including graduating students and freshmen students) who are enrolled in schools above senior high schools domestically and abroad can register for participation. There are four main categories in this competition: product design, visual design, digital animation, and brand specified. Registration is accepted from June 1st to July 25th. Preliminary selection will be held in mid-September, and a two-stage panel selection will be held in mid-October. Selection results will be announced at the awards ceremony in late November.

Caption: the preliminary selection scene of 2015 Taiwan International Student Design Competition

Caption: the judge panel of the final selection of 2015 Taiwan International Student Design Competition

Last year, Taiwan International Student Design Competition held a number of “Design Workshops” and “International Design Masters Seminar Series”, in which renowned designers were invited to share their understanding and observations of design. It not only encouraged international exchanges but also benefited the public and learners who were passionate about design. The seminar topics ranged from a combination of design and business, inspiration and interpretation of creativity, to the relationship between design workers and the contemporary society. They provided different design disciplines with various aspects of observation and thinking. Every session was remarkable. The audience also responded with enthusiasm and took the opportunity to interact with international masters. This year, a number of design seminars and activities will also be held. Everyone is welcomed to participate!

This year’s topic is “OPEN”. For more information about registration, please visit the official website of Taiwan International Student Design Competition (www.tisdc.org) or search Taiwan International Student Design Competition at WeChat.

Caption: 2015 International Design Masters Seminar Series – the scene of Yoichiro Kawaguchi artist giving a speech at Taipei Taiwan Design Center / the scene of Stuart Forrest of Triggerfish Animation chief executive giving a speech at Taichung National Library of Public Information

Caption: 2015 Design Workshop – the scene of the vice president of Brno Biennale Association Vlasta Brímová at the workshop / the scene of the president-elect Zachary Haris Ong of the International Council of Design (ico-D) from Malaysia at the workshop.

Caption: 2015 Award Ceremony – International Design Association Special Award

Caption: 2015 Award Ceremony

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