2016 Taiwan International Student Design Competition Winners List announced
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The prize winners list of world’s largest scale of International Student Design Competition- “2016 Taiwan International Student Design Competition (TISDC)”is announced. 2016 TISDC had attracted total 69 countries/regions worldwide and had received 14,858 registration entries. 2016 TISDC Final Selection juror team was composed by 27 professionals coming from various fields and international backgrounds. Within the 431 finalist entries, the juror team had selected 67 winning work entries. Among all the prizes, 2016 TISDC Grand Prix (NTD 400,000 ) goes to Hanka Nováková, the student from Czech Republic. The work itself is neat, furthermore, it addresses the social issues for nowadays. Please view the winners list at the Youth Development Administration, Ministry of Education (www.yda.gov.tw) or TISDC official Website(www.tisdc.org).
Organized by the Youth Development Administration, Ministry of Education, executed by Asia University, Taiwan International Student Design Competition (TISDC) is headed towards its ninth year since 2008. The theme for 2016 is 「OPEN」. There are four categories: Product Design, Visual Design, Digital Animation and Brand Specified. Besides the Grand Prix, each Category holds 1 Gold Prize, 1 Silver prize and 1-3 Bronze prizes. Sponsored by Sayling Wen Cultural & Educational Foundation, there are 15 Special prizes endorsed by international design associations. Including Brno Biennale Association, Design Business Chamber Singapore, Good Design Australia, German Design Council, Hong Kong Federation of Design Associations, International Council of Design, India Design Council, INDEX: Design to Improve Life, International Poster Biennial in Mexico, Japan Institute of Design Promotion, Korea Ensemble of Contemporary Design, Macau Designers Association, South African Bureau of Standards Design Institute, Thailand Creative & Design Center and Taiwan Design Center .Among all the mentioned awards, there are also 18 Honorable mentioned awards.
Sponsored by iSee Taiwan Foundation, the theme for the brand specified category is “New Tableware Era: Taiwan Cuisine Cutlery Design”. To signify the uniqueness of Taiwanese dining culture, students are anticipated to generate innovative ideas for Taiwanese culinary tableware. For this category, TISDC have selected 5 First prizes, 5 Second prizes and 8 Honorable mentioned prizes. We sincerely hope the world can see the beauty of Taiwan through the wining works.
Generally speaking, the final selection jurors considered 2016 TISDC finalist works are diverse, high quality and lies in an international scale. This year, the grand prix goes to Digital Animation Category, Hanka Nováková “Borderlines”. The work depicted the alienation and the loneliness of human relationships in the society nowadays. As the story goes on, the film revealed the danger of alienation among people. However, in the end, the personas embrace each other with an open mind; somehow, they got themselves out of the crisis. The storyline is delicate, and it certainly correspond to the theme「OPEN」 .The work had won many jurors’ hearts.
During the final selection, 2016 TISDC executive team had held a series of “International Design Masters Lecture Series. There are 3 talks conducted at NTUH International Convention Center in Taipei, National Library of Public Information and Cheng Shiu University in Kaohsiung. We invited the design masters to share their insights on design. From the integration of design and environment, formation and transformation and of creative ideas and to the discussion of the relationship between design professionals and the contemporary world, these international speakers had reflected in different aspects of the design fields. Not only did it boost the international exchange, people who love design also enjoyed the talks. 
In November 28, 2016, TISDC Executive Team will be exhibiting the wining works during the Award Ceremony. The exhibition is open to public. In addition, the exhibit will be joining in various shows and events locally and internationally in order to enhance the visibility of the wining works. Please see the related information at the 2016 TISDC official website, or call Asia University A421 Executive office at: +886-4-2331-0066
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