A GreenBauhaus Foundation Project
A GreenBauhaus Foundation Project 
A multicultural global communications project with universities/academies from all five continents.
Humankind is confronted with enormous challenges to stop plastic waste pollution. The intention of the project is to spread the word about the dramatic situations and theurgency
for action. Pollution of the oceans is another time bomb humanity is facing.
Each participating university should do a special workshop on this theme and will send (digitally) the 10 best results. 
The design can illustrate global views, or national, or regional or local aspects. The image should express the visual spirit of the origin of the designer/artist. The image should have an attractive appeal. The design should be suitable for presentation to a multi-cultural audience and should
take into account cultural and religious sensitivities.
Start of the project: November 2016
Deadline is end of July 2017.
Size 73 x 103 cm
Delivery: either by email or upload on FTP server
Are you interested to participate?
Prof.h.c. Helmut Langer, helmut.langer@greenbauhaus.de
Prof. h.c. Prof. HEBIC Dipl.-Des. Reinhard Komar, reinhard.komar@greenbauhaus.de
2018 Taiwan International Student Design Competition Executive
Department of Visual Communication Design, Asia University
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