2017 Taiwan International Student Design Competition Winners List Announced
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The Taiwan International Student Design Competition, the biggest international student design competition, has announced the winners. This year, the TISDC attracted 71 countries/regions worldwide. There are 910 design colleges and universities joining the competition. 2017 TISDC received 18,932 entries. There are 22 juries in the preliminary selection and 27 in the final selection. The jury members come from 17 countries/regions and together they formed a professional jury panel. After some thought-provoking discussions, they chose 70 awards-winning designs out of the 465 shortlisted works. The Grand Prix of this year, the Water Mask Dispenser, is designed by the students of Kookmin University. It can be easily operated and it has crucial function. Thus, Water Mask Dispenser won the NT $400,000.
The Taiwan International Student Design Competition, organized by the Youth Development Administration, Ministry of Education, has entered its 10th year. “Opportunity” is the theme of this year’s competition and there are four categories listed as follows: Product Design Category, Visual Design Category, Digital Animation Category, and Brand Specific Awards Category. In terms of the number of awards, there is 1 Grand Prix winner. In Product Design Category, Visual Design Category, and Digital Animation Category, each category can choose its own winners, the prizes are as follows: 1 Gold Prize, 1 Silver Prize, 3 Bronze Prize, and 24 Honorable Mention Prize. There are 16 International Design Association Special Prize sponsored by Sayling Wen Cultural & Educational Foundation. Moreover, the Brand Specific Awards, sponsored by iSee Taiwan Foundation, has given 1 Gold Prize, 2 Silver Prize, 4 Bronze Prize and 7 Honorable Mention Prize. The theme of this year’s Brand Specific Awards is “Taiwan Teaware Design”. The objective is that students can be more familiar with the traditional culture of Taiwan in the designing process and ultimately show the world the beauty of Taiwanese culture.
The jury of final selection is unanimous as to the reason why the awards-winning designs stand out from all other entries, that is to say, the awards-winning works are high-quality designs with a variety of styles and international perspective. This year, the Water Mask Dispenser from product design category seized the Grand Prix. Hyunsu Park, Hyungjun Koo, Jaeyon Kim, Seonggon Jin, Minseop Woo, Hanna Lee, Chanmi Kim, and Wansik Jang are the students who came up with the award-winning design. The Water Mask Dispenser can be used as an emergency gear in fire scene. Whenever a fire occurs, even if there is no source of water on the spot, the mask can filter the poisonous smoke in fire. In short, the design is simple and can be easily operated. It saves lives at critical moments. When disaster happens, the Water Mask Dispenser provides opportunities for evacuees to survive. It fits the theme “Opportunity” perfectly, thus, it has won heart of most juries.
Apart from the Product Design Category which gives the Gold Prize to Chiam Yong Sheng Kevin, a student from National University of Singapore, the Gold Prize winners of other 3 categories are all Taiwanese students. The Gold Prize winners of Visual Design Categories are Sheng-Syuan Huang and Cheng-Yu Wu, students from Asia University. Their design “Zi Ji” combines the writing of Chinese characters and the images of Lukang’s attraction sites. The combination of the two elements is sophisticated. Whoever sees the image will be able to immerse themselves in the brilliant combination of Chinese characters and historical sites. The Gold Prize winners of Digital Animation Category are Sz-Yu Pan, Zhou-Ming Chen and Sheng-Hsun Chen, students of National Taiwan University of Arts. Their animation “Neon” uses the concept of neon to reveal the essence of love in modern life. The animation is smooth and rhythmic and it wins the juries over. The novel Taiwanese teaware designed by Chen-Yi Lee, a student of Shih Chien University, wins the Gold Prize in Brand Specific Category. Her teaware design “TeaLab” shows the process of making traditional pastry. Moreover, the teaware allows users to make traditional pastry. TeaLab let people experience the fun in pastry-making process. It also invokes modern people’s memory of the culture about tea and pastry.
The winners list is posted on Youth Development Administration’s website (www.yda.gov.tw) and the Taiwan International Student Design Competition’s website (www.tisdc.org). The awards ceremony and design exhibition are expected to be held on 27th Nov. at NTUH International Convention Center. The exhibition is open to visitor. Moreover, in order to increase the visibility of award-winning designs, the plans of joining exhibitions and design week in Taiwan or other countries will be further arranged.
The 16 international designs institute are as follows:
1.Alliance francaise des designers
2.Brno Biennale Association
3.Design Business Chamber Singapore
4.Good Design Australia
5.German Design Council
6.Hong Kong Federation of Design Associations
7.International Council of Design
8.India Design Council
9.International Poster Biennial in Mexico
10.Japan Institute of Design Promotion
11.Korea Ensemble of Contemporary Design
12.Macau Designers Association
13.Thailand Creative & Design Center
14.The Design Alliance Asia (tDA Asia) 
15.Taiwan Design Center
16.The Designers Institute of New Zealand
Grand Prix: Water Mask Dispenser
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