2009 臺灣國際學生創意設計大賽

Encourage international creative design exchange, develop creative design talents, express the international image of Taiwan attaching great importance to creative design, and establish the international design status of Taiwan.

Change the psychological state of living in crisis, and expect everything to have a turning point.
Restore is used to reconstruct and renew; it is the expectation of returning to a prosperous life. Let design become an action and a measure that restores a good life, and create new opportunities through creativity.

Students (Based on the internet registration deadline, and the participant must be born after May 1, 1983, and be younger than 26 years of age.)

Product Design, Visual Design, and Digital Animation.

*Participants can participate in the competition as individuals or in teams, there is no limit to
the number of pieces, however, the same work cannot be entered into multiple
competition categories.

Participating Works
The creative design of the competition theme “Restore” must be expressed in the participating pieces.
  • Online Registration Deadlines:April 20, 2009 (Monday) 24:00 (Taipei GMT+08:00)
  • Deadline for Preliminary Selection Work Submissions:May 4, 2009 (Monday) 17:00 (Taipei GMT+08:00),validated by postmark date
  • Preliminary Selections:June 2, 2009 (Tuesday)
  • Deadline For Mockup Submissions:August 3, 2009 (Monday)17:00 (Taipei GMT+08:00)
  • Final Selections:August 15, 2009 (Saturday)
  • Award Ceremony and the Exhibition:October 2 - 18, 2009
Registration Fee
Evaluation Criteria

Designs that start from creativity, unique approach, meeting and expressing concept with the aesthetics.

A.Product Design Category
:Creativity: 50%; Aesthetics: 20%; Completeness and Thematic: 20%; Design Presentation: 10%

B.Visual Design Category
Creativity: 50%; Composition, Aesthetics: 10%; Completeness and Thematic: 20%; Techniques: 20%

C.Digital Animation Category
Creativity: 50%; Aesthetics: 20%; Completeness and Thematic: 20%; Techniques: 10%


Gold 1 winner: NT$400,000 (approx. US$12,000), and a certificate
Silver 1 winner: NT$200,000 (approx. US$6,000), and a certificate
Bronze 1 winner: NT$100,000 (approx. US$3,000), and a certificate
Honorable Mention winners: NT$10,000 (approx. US$300) and a certificate

* The prizes will be adjusted according to the quality and quantity of participating works.
The winners will be announced on the specific website and to the international media
to provide Taiwanese suppliers with design cooperation inquiries.

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