Encourage international creative design exchange, develop creative design talents, express the international image of Taiwan attaching great importance to creative design, and establish the international design status of Taiwan.


The sun rises and sets every day; today a building stands but the next day it may collapse in a disaster— transformations are a hidden but dynamic rule in a world which seems to operate constantly. Evolution, seasonal changes, weather variation and substance transformation into energy— the power of transformation stays in our everyday life.

As a Chinese saying goes, ’to utilize weakness to become strong; to cycle through transformations to push where things are shifting; to attain the Way of the One and use the few to correct the many.’ Transformations present limitless possibilities and fresh meanings sprout in endless creation. In the modern age when ideas continually arise, enormous power is generated and stored in clamorous, creative conversations. We are here to invite you to transform creativity into action and respond to the era with your own views.

Students who currently enroll at senior high schools or above. (Based on the internet registration deadline, and the participant must be born after May 31 1986, and be younger than 26 years of age. For female who had given birth before year of 26 may have 2 years extension per birth.)
Participating Works
The creative design of the competition theme “Transform” must be expressed in the participating pieces.
Product Design, Visual Design, and Digital Animation.
  • Online Registration and Online Work Submission Deadline:June 1,(Friday) 2012 to August 15 (Wednesday), 2012 24:00 (Taipei GMT+08:00)
  • Disc Submission in Digital Animation Category for Preliminary Selection:July 2 (Monday), 2012 tAugust 15 (Wednesday, 2012 17:00 (Taipei GMT+08:00), validated by postmark date
  • Preliminary Selection: Early September , 2012
  • Deadline For Mockup and Printout Submission Deadline for final selection submission (include mockup, printout and disk submission for each category) :November 2 (Friday), 2012 17:00 (Taipei GMT+08:00), the submission from Taiwan must arrive at the deadline date while the submission from overseas is validated by postmark but have to arrive in our office no later than 1 week from the deadline.
  • Final Selection:Late November, 2012
  • Award Ceremony and Exhibition: February, 2013
Registration Fee
Evaluation Criteria

Designs that start from creativity, unique approach, meeting and expressing concept with the aesthetics; domestic and international experts in different fields will be invited by the executive to form the preliminary selection and final selection committee to process the evaluation.

A.Product Design Category
Creativity: 50%; Aesthetics: 20%; Completeness and Thematic: 20%; Design Presentation: 10%

B.Visual Design Category
Creativity: 50%; Composition, Aesthetics: 10%; Completeness and Thematic: 20%; Techniques: 20%

C.Digital Animation Category
Creativity: 50%; Aesthetics: 20%; Completeness and Thematic: 20%; Techniques: 10%


Grand Prix 1 winner: NT$400,000 (approx. US$12,000), an awarding cup and a certificate

Gold 1 winner (each category): NT$250,000 (approx. US$8,000), an awarding cup and a certificate

Silver 1 winner (each category): NT$150,000 (approx. US$5,000), an awarding cup and a certificate

Bronze 1 winner (each category): NT$100,000 (approx. US$3,000), an awarding cup and a certificate

Honorable Mention winners: NT$10,000 (approx. US$300) and a certificate

Sponsorship winners: Prize adjusted according to the sponsors, and a certificate

The nominated works of the production design category will be supplemented NT$ 20,000 (approx. US$600) production fee by the implementation unit.

* The prizes will be adjusted according to the quality and quantity of participating works.
* The awarding cup and the certificate will be conferred by the Minister of Education and the Award Ceremony will take place in late October.
* The winners will be announced on the specific website and to the international media to provide Taiwanese suppliers with design cooperation inquiries.

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